Sunday Stuff: The Home Team

One of things I discovered for myself during the ProKabaddi League, is, that when I own a sports team — any sports team — it will never be because I can afford the team or because it is the best team in the league. It will always be my home team, irrespective that it is affordable or the worst team. For the life of me, I cannot imagine cheering for an “outside” team when my home team is playing, even if I owned the “outside” team. Many will explain to me that league matches have nothing to do with where you belong; for me it means a lot. A few years ago, I was told what a home team means, and that is why, while I am not a huge football (soccer, for Americans) fan, I am a huge Arsenal supporter. For ProKabaddi, I was surprised by many who “switched” sides for pink T-shirt trivial reasons.


I’ve tried very hard to understand how “irrespective of who wins, the game is the winner” and I have failed. If you talk of Kabaddi, specifically, yes, it was important that people understood and loved the game and took active interest in it. It is after all, the first season. But we had eight teams participating in the league. I’ve never heard this thing said about IPL (OK, except for one commentator) or the EPL. Here’s how it works in my head: teams play the game to win; so at the end of the league, one team wins the game. The game doesn’t participate, so it cannot be a winner.

IMG_20140831_234851 - Version 2

My team lost the finals. The other one won. So, now, who won? The other team or the game? Can we go to the winning team and say, “Hey, you know what, actually you didn’t, the game won.” There can be only one winner, right?


My team lost the finals. While it is a very good team, they lost the plot today. They just did not play to their potential. That is why they lost. The opposite team was formidable, but not undefeatable. My team had beat them in the first match of the league and tied the second match. To say that the “game won” is to take something away from the winning team and give something back to the losing team. Unacceptable.


It’s amusing to see how some folks will sneak in barge in to the spotlight meant for real heroes and appropriate them. When larger stages aren’t available, folks seek a smaller stage. But a stage it will have to be.


I am not a sore loser. My team was beaten fair and square. On this day, the other team was a better team.


My peeves, however, are rational.




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