God’s Greatest Gift

The greatest gift from God to a human-being is the ability to forget.

Many years ago, these words, in the most beautiful handwriting, with true emotion and the sense of belonging were delivered to us. In an inland letter, written in ink, with controlled emotion and a steady hand. It was a condolence letter, but it could have been an average letter from a brother to his sister or to his brother-in-law.

But, he was wrong, my uncle, who wrote that letter. The worst quality that God has given us is memory. We never actually forget. We just cast veils on a memory and try very hard to ignore it. We drape it with events of the present and a potential future. And we drape it again and again with what trivial events we can find – but I am unable to forget. We have found ways to relive ourselves of the most difficult of situations. Our ability to forget is not one of them.

I cannot forget.

I remember you. Not in every waking moment, but when I am alone — I am with you. And you are with me. And, while everything is still fine in this world, the only thing I miss is hugging you.

God’s greatest gift is, perhaps, not the ability to forget — it is the ability to remember.



2 thoughts on “God’s Greatest Gift

  1. Very touching article this! I find it essential for our existence to be able to drape veils. It helps us ‘do’ what is required for the ‘now’. Memory is a thought, it presents itself with a certain ‘feeling’.. I agree, we don’t ever forget. And it’s beautiful gift to remember, but how we choose to relive the memory and its accompanying feelings matter a lot!


    • Lovely thought. I often wonder, if remember what we are supposed to forget and forget what we are to remember. But you are right, of that which we do not forget, we need to choose how we remember. 🙂


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