Sunday Stuff

It’s one thing to notice. An altogether different thing to point out. Pointing out takes effort. There’s bliss in knowing what we have observed. Letting the world know that we have noticed is secondary. How does it work? Do we care less about the world or does the world care less about us? What about you? Is it enough for you to notice or would you like to say what you saw?


I still like my phone, but it is misbehaving a bit, now. I have to work out what makes it go.


Family is underrated and overrated at the same time. It all boils down to how we see them. Our own lenses or borrowed ones. Which reminds me, my camera is breaking down. Parts are becoming loose and some have even fallen off. I will not, however, change my camera, till it absolutely conks off.


It is ok, perhaps to care less. It is definitely not ok to be careless.


5606: Green & Pink

After this post has been published I’ll be doing some routine jobs which I do not enjoy. But I have a plan to make them fun. I’ll let you know how that works out. It’s a thought. Not a promise.


I have seen the meaning of love change. And with every change it becomes grand. It doesn’t become definite, however.


That’s it, Sunday is done with.


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