The Worst Time To Write

The worst time to write a post, or anything for that matter, is when you don’t want to write. Yet, somewhere within us, the compulsion to write takes over, defeats us, and makes us write. And we end up writing something that we aren’t proud of — and in any case something that we shouldn’t have written, in the first place.

The struggle is between the defined writer inside of us and the undefined whole-us that we are — all-encompassing. The writer within us is the rebel within, experimenting, the one who knows what we should write and what we should not. But the writer is subservient to the whole-us. This meta-being that is us, directs the writer within us. Write; don’t write; write this; write like this. This gigantic composition of experiences and emotions, that we are made up of, however, develops sluggish tendency over time. Lethargic. Dragging the weight stolidly, the accumulated mass moves with little grace or finesse.

That’s when the lean writer within, seizes the opportunity. Like an out-of-training-school ninja, the sword starts slashing with vigour and excitement. Aware that the punitive reaction will be slow in coming, it spits out words, before the whole-us can respond.

And the damage is done.

The words are out and the post is published.


2 thoughts on “The Worst Time To Write

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