Sunday Stuff

My high school had a very good library. I hardly borrowed from it, though. Therefore, I never read any book by Ernest Hemingway; though we knew about him. Now that I am reading A Farewell to Arms, I wonder, what my teacher was thinking when she encouraged all of us to read that book. I am, in a very different sense, glad that I did not read that book then. I would not have liked my young impressionable mind to know about love, then. My experience(s) would have stunted, I imagine.


I continue to enjoy using my new phone.


There has to be a sense of regret or dismay, when you sacrifice. Else it is an excuse. Sacrifice is usually about giving up something valuable in exchange for something more valuable. There has to be a word for giving up something valuable in exchange for something less valuable. Compromise comes close, but doesn’t quite cut it.


I overcame inertia this week. I asked a friend if I was successful; she said I was — but she is being nice. It wasn’t that wonderfully overcome; what matters is that it was overcome. I have a feeling I have moved from stationery inertia to kinetic inertia. That’s a good start.


Three people are a part of a holiday plan. It’s not working out very well. Neither seems to be inclined to have the holiday. All seem to get a holiday done. I believe you can live a happy life without a holiday, for years. To make it happen is contorted. It just doesn’t play. I once had a wonderful holiday with someone. It was amazing. Since then, I’ve never met, seen, or spoken with them. It does not matter. Holidays are less about showing off on Facebook; more about an experience that you capture in your heart. 


I don’t pray much. When I was very young and did not know how to pray, I was taught to seek intelligence and good sense. If you think hard, that’s all you really need. As I grew up and changed my prayer, I started thanking the presence of the wonderful people in my life. When I do pray, I usually start and close my prayer with a thank you. Asking for something seems burdensome. One off, I ask for direction.


That’s it, Sunday is done with.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Stuff

    • LOL! Master stroke. One comment for two posts! Smart stuff! 😀 Let’s see what happens in August, my post-a-day challenge ends in a few days.

      P.S. Later I thought of “relinquish,” but “forfeit” has the emotion I was looking for. Thank ye!


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