Viva Saturday

It’s Saturday.

I like Saturdays. Unlike Fridays and Sundays. I like Saturdays. You could say, I love Saturdays. I don’t hate Fridays or Sundays. I just like Saturdays better.

Fridays have too much of expectation built into them. There is this anticipation of the weekend we all look forward to. That anticipation takes up too much of energy. There’s a frenzy to finish tasks and enter the weekend. Saturdays are so much better.

Sundays have a sense of dread about them. There’s no such thing as an absolute Sunday. The Sunday is a marker of the onset of the Monday. And Mondays are dreadful; we all know that. Sunday is a race towards Monday that you don’t want to run. Saturdays are so much better.

I have never taken Tuesdays seriously. They are, well, insignificant. They tell us that we survived a Monday, and while we may be far way from a weekend, we are on our way. Tuesdays are the ones you don’t pay attention to. Like some of the things in your life, you just ignore them. Saturdays are so much better.

Wednesdays are fine. Nothing wrong with them. By the end of Tuesday, you have accepted that it is going to be a series of weekdays and Wednesdays is when you accept it wholeheartedly. It’s the week. And it’s in the middle. You don’t know where you want to belong — to the weekdays or the weekends. Saturdays are so much better.

Of all the weekdays, Thursdays are the trickiest. The Thursday is the harbinger of the Friday, which is the eve of the weekend. You usually do not know what to make of it: try to finish the day so that you would be in Friday already or bring the Wednesday feeling of balance. Writers often use the Tuesday and a Thursday to start a story. It’s poetic, in a way. A warm Thursday afternoon or a cold Thursday morning; that’s how they start the chapters. Saturdays are so much better.

And before you know it, it’s Friday and the circle is complete. Saturdays are so much better.

Notice, how I conveniently did not dedicate a paragraph for Mondays?

That’s because this post is about Saturdays. The perfect day of the seven. It has escaped the anticipation of Friday and holds no dread of the Sunday. What a wonderful day. Saturdays are so much better.

Have fun, enjoy your Saturday.


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