My Mad, Mad, Mad, Mind

Insanely smitten.

Smitten could qualify as crazy. As crazy as can be; in love. One man’s mad is another’s genius isn’t it? Or perhaps the right word is to be moonstruck. That’s how love is. The moon guides how the tides flow. But for someone in love, the scientific relationship of the moon phases and tides mean little. And, the moon has little control on how the tides rise and fall in the human heart. Moonstruck is the same as being foolish or insane, or being enchanted or enamoured. When in love, the differences between these words mean little because the insanity is all-encompassing and the opposite of worldly sanity. We’ll use insane, to be consistent (or not), but we all know the feeling of being in madly in love, which is haplessly waiting for a word.

To experience this insanity is to be in love.

And it is this insane mind that sets out to dream an impossible dream. Perhaps it is the madness of being in love that encourages us to set out on this dream. Where else would we find this valour? So we leave the confines of all that is comfortable to see this dream.

Listen to this insane mind, it makes crazy statements. Someday we will understand what’s crazy in the context of what’s not crazy. For now, we will go by this craziness and live it to the extent possible. For, insanity permeates the heart, the breath, the very essence of what keeps us alive. The madness of being in love deprives of the sleep and we keep tossing and turning in our bed, making folds of the sheets that I wish were you, and it keeps me awake through the dark night. The yearning eyes, through the windows of my dreams seek your eyes.

I mentioned you, for the first time, did I not?

In this world that has been lost to the craziness that I am and my love is, I seek your intimacy. Two hearts that are beating at the same rhythm. Just you and me. Knowing you, I care less and less for the sanity that this world can offer me; give me  your hand out and I could live my life forever knowing you are with me. Let’s go for a walk.

2685: A Millennium Conversation

And we will make it ours: that one tune and that one rhythm, in our shared madness – you feel it too don’t you – where our insanity makes sense. Would you dance the dance of insanity with me? If I would show the madness of what I feel, would our feet tap to the beat of what you and I feel? Come dance with me.

Join me; let’s see this dream together.

The sun will set in the way it knows. There will be night. There will be silence. Not much will move. The night and the silence will take on the enchantment of the love that is ours. We will be together in this fantasy and we will see each other, face to face. Our lips will quiver. And we will discover that the madness, isn’t in becoming, it is in being. The moment will be intoxicating. I need not see your face, for in the madness I can see your face behind the cape of flax that is you. Was it the force of nature that slid the cape from your madly-in-love face that made me fall in love you again, and again, and again.

My mad mind saw a dream. It was all about you.


The content of this post is not mine. It’s a statement of a song that I love.



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