No More Golden Eggs

When we were young, we were narrated the story of the goose that laid golden eggs. The moral of the story was, not to be greedy; not to kill the goose.

Stretch Marks

Am not sure, if some of us learnt from it. There was, perhaps, a parallel story that we weren’t told; that the farmer was supposed to allow for some time between the golden eggs. Was this a story to teach us about patience or opportunism? We were never told if the goose had a mind of its own. Could the goose, for example, choose not to give golden eggs? Was it genetically compelled to give golden eggs? Was it helpless? Or was the goose so compassionate that it did not care. One of these days, this story needs to be told from the goose’s perspective. If this story is told from the goose’s perspective, perhaps all of us farmers might learn something more valuable. We’ll perhaps learn to respect the goose for more than the golden eggs that it could lay.

When you wring it, you have to think of why and how, you are wringing it.


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