Of Airports

If the passenger is a woman, the man of the group that has come to receive the woman usually takes charge of the trolley.

This and some other interesting observations. But I’ll leave them for later.

Airports are a nice place to be. The moment a person exits the gate, there is a crowd of emotions that surround the passenger’s face. Of all the expressions, there is one that stands out: of the person who knows there is no one there to receive him or her. It is the most obvious of all. They ignore all the placards of miss-spelt names, they avoid looking at the eager people behind barricades searching for a familiar face. They keep their head down and make their way to the taxi stand. They try to keep up a neutral expression, yet you cannot but miss the hint, that is a mark of the dismay, which that passenger feels.


If you ever get a chance to receive someone at the airport, never miss it. The smile that you see on the passenger’s face is worth much more than the trouble that you will go through to receive that person.

Welcome back.


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