Sunday Stuff

This week has been very good.


I spoke with many people this week and my sense of confidence in the people in this world has increased significantly. I spoke with a number of people about what I intend to do, and while almost everyone flashed the reality in my face, they assured me that I was on the right path.

2488: Stone Face


I missed telling a friend how grateful I am for the information she sent me. I have to become smarter about my communication. My involvement with the world that I live in and the dynamism that it generates, I miss out. It has less to do with intent and more with circumstances. And while it is not an excuse, I need to do better.


My mom taught me a very useful lesson in UI, this week. Brands like to make delta changes in the way that they customise the Android UI – they are making it that much difficult for an audience to switch. Know your audience and what’s real for them. Not what excites you.


Listening is an art and an important skill. People will listen to you. But be interesting. If you are, they will listen to you with intent. If you have nothing interesting to say, the listeners will not listen; they will tolerate you.


I am enjoying using my new phone.


Personal goals are just that. Personal. Don’t advertise them to the world thinking that the world at large will be your alarm clock. None other than you can be the keeper of a personal goal. Use a mirror. Be your own critic. The world, even when it does not want to be, is judgemental.


That’s it, Sunday is done with.


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