Unique Sameness

4612: Tea Glasses

There’s something to say about uniqueness. Everyone has something to say. In that, saying something about uniqueness, is not unique at all. It is commonplace. And in this busy bazaar of the call to be unique, I wonder, if we all would (and could) heed the call to be unique, how this world might look. There is a case to be made against omnipresent sameness in the world: an obvious boring proposition. If we are all unique, then aren’t we all the same, in a sense?

Is there a case, to be made against ubiquitous uniqueness?


2 thoughts on “Unique Sameness

  1. ubiquitous uniqueness. What a wonderful coupling. I love the way the words sound when I say them out loud. 7 scintillating syllables. I believe we are all unique in our own ways, but because of the way the world is, no one cares. You only matter if you have or make money, for someone else. This is not my personal belief. It is my experience. However, the ones we love embrace our uniqueness. Conversely, we are all the same, but choose to ignore this fact.


    • Thank you, Paul. Since your comment, I’ve been uttering the phrase out loud, too. 🙂 It really fascinates me how we are all in unique and therefore there is a sameness about us all. It’s an interesting thought you have about how much money-making matters. Ponderable and Bloggable. 🙂


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