The Face in the Mirror

9441: My monosyllabic duo-chrome songSome people are blessed with peaceful faces. There’s a peaceful countenance about their faces, which is relaxing. It has, I believe, little to do with beauty or sculpted looks of the face. Somewhere, deep down, they are at peace with the world around them and it reflects out of their eyes and effuses that countenance. This is not a state of ignorance or high tolerance; that usually shows up differently. There’s an awareness of the environment where they exist, yet there’s no continuous interactive engagement with it.

It might seem that we are just made up of angled mirrors that keep reflecting our deepest sense of how we feel, and the output of that reflected image is expressed through the face. So we might be smiling, but if it isn’t reflected from within, the artifice will often be obvious. We don’t ever really look at ourselves, when we look in the glass mirror. That’s the reflection of the superficial. How we really look, is what’s reflected from within.

There’s a mirror within and a mirror without.


One thought on “The Face in the Mirror

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