The Pen Monologues

IMG 20140710 214217

“Can you consider writing a full page without getting distracted about the thickness of the nib or any other such trivial, visual distractions? Atul Sabnis said that he would not be able to write with a thick nibbed pen. But that was wrong, just wrong. He was looking for excuses not to write…”


Sometimes, I hear it from the pen.


11 thoughts on “The Pen Monologues

  1. That your handwriting? You should listen to the pen more often. I do however get distracted when the pen changes the thickness of the font. Haven’t used an ink pen in years.. would love to try again.


    • Of course it’s mine. Once upon a time people said, it’s like a girl’s handwriting. Haven’t posted a picture of my handwriting since then. I am listening to the pen (and am listening to many other things and people) 😀 I really do dislike thick nibs.


  2. I don’t know about girl’s or boy’s, but I absolutely love the flow of that handwriting. I’ve seen tons of “neat” writing, which doesn’t excite me much. It’s almost boring, if you ask me. But this is lovely.

    BTW, just wondering: has Mahendra looked at your handwriting? Curious. Very curious.


    • Thanks Asuph. You have given me a new lease of life (to help with the July challenge) I have pages of writing; I’ll just click it all and post it here. Same difference, right? 😉

      Not sure @ Mahendra. I don’t think, he has. Now that you are curious, very curious, I am equally curious, very curious. 😀


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