Something Like My Mind

This photo, perhaps best represents the mind of a blogger who is struggling to write a post-a-day. Yes, I noticed it too – there’s a pattern emerging – all my recent posts are about this challenge that I have taken up. If nothing, it describes the state of my mind and tells you that the challenge is consuming my thoughts.

4622: Something Like My Mind

It is never that there isn’t a thought that we want to express, it’s just that there are too many thoughts. The expression, like the reflection in this picture also makes sense, to an extent, but it is not perfectly aligned. The thoughts a pieced together, with slight changes in alignment and angles, and that’s where the distortion occurs.

Something like the recent posts on this blog. You can make out what it is that I am saying, but it isn’t clear. You have to invest time to make sense and assume that perhaps this line of thought continues like this and that tile of an idea makes sense if it was placed 3° to the left. Or something like that. This misalignment is what hampers being articulate.

All we have to do is lay the tiles in order, on a flat surface and make sure that the reflection matches the original. There’s too much distraction around us and within us. We have to be careful and delicate with the tiles.

The shards are difficult to put back together.


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