Sunday Stuff


First things first – It is not easy to post every day. I am not giving up, as yet, but I tell you it’s not easy. There were times when I used to post twice a day, but those days are past, obviously. I’ll admit though, that I’ve become slightly more observant and aware, as I seek inspiration for things that are bloggable. Those days, it was easy, not any more.


I’ve enabled the mobile version of this theme. Hopefully the blog will load faster on your devices. If you truly hate it, let me know, and I’ll set it back to show the web version.


I’ve decided I’ll move all my posts in the “Fiction” category to their rightful place  At first, I considered deleting them here, but then I’d lose the comments too. So they’ll stay here. All new fiction will be posted where it is supposed to be. Which means, that soon, the menu item labelled Fiction, will also go.


You’ll probably see more photos on this blog, although I have a separate photoblog. The idea is not to overcome the posting inertia or to increase the post count (I’ve been duly warned about that), but to use the photos and write more. Inspiration of sorts. Some photos have stories of their own, some are photos without stories, but that should not stop a storyteller. Please note that I am not calling myself a storyteller. He called me that.


I am indeed living in the time of renaissance  Two years now, the city road leading to the Expressway to Pune was the pits, due to all the roadworks. Today, with almost 90% of the roadworks complete, the sometimes 3-lane and the sometimes 5-lane city road, is a pleasure to drive on.


That’s it, Sunday is done with.


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