Secret’s Out

Movies make such a big deal of secrets. Entire plots depend on a secret or two for the story to flow. Actually we all make a big deal of secrets. There’s nothing interesting about a secret. A secret is just information that is being hoarded. And while the purpose of a secret may vary: material gain; pure personal pleasure; or feeding a superiority complex, it is just that – information that isn’t allowed to flow.

Some folks cannot keep secrets (I am of the kind who has a fairly complicated view about secrets), some guard secrets with their lives. Some don’t care at all, and the rest have a strict discipline and a guiding philosophy about secrets.


The TV series Arrow (2012) is all about secrets. And while the series is more about vigilante toing and froing, the underlying theme is that secrets destroy lives. That’s what happened with the Queen family, in the series. But secrets don’t destroy lives. Bad acting does. (I am not referring to the acting of Stephen Amell or Katie Cassidy or any of the cast of the TV series.)

Bad acting on part of people who keep secrets is what destroys lives. Actually, destroy is too strong a word. And secrets are way too insignificant to do anything close to destruction. There aren’t enough people in this world telling each other that life is too resilient to be destroyed by something as trivial as a secret. If you are the kind of person who tends to and wants to keep a secret, you have to be a very good actor and a very good script writer, rolled in one. A bad actor gives up secrets without actually giving up the secret. People who are pros at keeping secrets don’t believe that they carry secrets; it’s almost as if they don’t have secrets. And, in my opinion, the damage is this: the content of the secret is not given up, but the fact that a secret exists is obvious and out in the open.

Perhaps, way back then, my father knew what he was doing, when he discouraged me from joining drama school, when I thought I could make a career in theatre.


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7 thoughts on “Secret’s Out

  1. Hmmm. By and large I agree. But there are secrets, that could save/destroy lives. Or seriously derail them for a while. The likelyhood of that happening to any particular person is close to zero, so for all practical purpose, I agree with you. For instance, can secrets save/destroy relationships (keeping aside for a moment the question of whether relationships should be saved by secrets)?


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