Within the Folds of Our Hearts

Things will change.

In the last ten years of blogging I have particularly established that. (If you don’t believe me, you’ll have to go through the past ten years of posts; I don’t mind if you do.) Notwithstanding what I wrote, you have always known it. It is another matter whether you have accepted or denied it. Things will change.

Yet, we protect what is dear to us. Rightly so. Artefacts of the past; things that are yester-dear to us. It may be a trinket that we valued because of who or where it was from; a nagging feeling that swelled our hearts to the point of explosion; an act no longer performed that once used to bring a smile to her face. Or the other things that you are imagining and recalling right now. I don’t mind. Pause reading this post. Take time to open them up. Those things that are dear to us. We protect them in a small recess or a narrow crevice of the folds of our heart muscles. Hidden, but available. We do that, and allow for change.


Then, we judge the change. Compare it with all that we have hidden inside and pass sentences on the change. Often, we will accept that change, but not as a replacement for that which we have stuffed in the recesses and the crevices. We’ll allow the changes to stand in doorways that have multiple exits; if they want to leave, they can. If they stay long enough, they’ll find a place in the recess or the crevice.

We have a tendency to underestimate our hearts. That fistful of an organ is capable of holding much more than we think. An immense capacity for love, e.g. The hallways and the aisles have much space, that can accommodate all the love that is possible in this world. The recesses and crevices are reserved for the elite, though: a space that is available at all times, but has to be earned. None other may enter. And if you want to, then:

Find a way to my heart…

There’s a reason I hide my heart
Out of sight out of mind
And when I find out just who you are
The door will be open for you to…

Find a way to my heart…

~ Phil Collins, Find a Way to My Heart

You want that, right? You want someone to find a way to your heart. Well, you should do the same.


Dear Tiger Shroff, I heard the song from Heropanti – Whistle Baja.  I think the girls of your generation find you cute and all. I’ve heard that you can do some wonderful stunts. I wish you all the best. But, blowing a tune that belonged to your father – in your v-neck t-shirt; the tune that was cultish for us, hasn’t helped you. When I listen to Whistle Baja, I automatically remember your father. So, I listen to that song for a few seconds and go to YouTube to listen/see the original. I do realise that your fan-base is different and I am not a part of it. But, try to make an identity for yourself. Avoid appropriating your father’s legacy. Even if he has allowed you that. There’s a lot of place in our hearts, but if you want to get into the recesses and crevices, you’ll have to do more.

Find a way to my heart…




5 thoughts on “Within the Folds of Our Hearts

  1. Agreed commitments are personal and unless we do something about it, nothing is going to help. But I tried a social experiment this year and I have to say, I have come to agree that if you really want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it. I don’t think humans live in isolation. There is a reason we have what is called social support.

    One should strive for improvement with or without applause, but the burden of that commitment is a lot easier to bear when you have someone giving you a pat on the back for a job well done.


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