Now, the Author Apologises

In my previous post, I shouldn’t have referred to Yali as the demon. It was wrong. It’s a mythical creature, and I should have said that. Further, I should have done some serious copy-editing. It’s not Leograph, it’s Leogryph. And there’s essentially nothing negative about a Leogryph. They are mythical creatures, and we should let them be. So, if you have read my previous post, I ask you to please purge (a) calling that creature a Leograph, and call it a Leogryph, and (b) immediately cease and desist from thinking of it as a demon. Please do take the above request seriously.

Why? There are many of them; Yali’s don’t move alone; they move in herds – columnar herds. Two years ago, I gave a good reason for that. Seriously, just be good (to them).

6260: Virupaksha Temple, Hampi

This photo shows all the baby Yalis. Imagine, what would happen when they grow up to their full size? At that time, would you want to mis-pronounce their names, or call them demons? [Pillar columns at Virupaksha Temple, also known as the Pampavathi temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India]

PS: This post should count to the daily post that I have promised myself, in the earlier post. While the challenge really starts from 1st of July, I think I am doing justice. If I ever miss a day, this post should count to it.


10 thoughts on “Now, the Author Apologises

  1. Hmm is this going to be like your posts with numbers just to reach a milestone? Sorry if you are going to start July 1st and you said a post a day, it shall be a post a day. Otherwise EPIC fail and I’ll be watching along with the Yalis you just offended. 😃


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