The Leograph Apologises

YaliThis is a good time for you to unsubscribe. Stop following, or whatever it is you do, to know what’s posted here. But you could wait three days, and do it it on 30th June, too. Because starting 1st of July I am going to write everyday. And I am going to write. I will write – a long post or a short post. I will write a bad post, a good post. Useful or useless. Or, I may not write at all. But, the idea, is to write. I am going to stop caring about the quality of the post. So there’s going to be content here, but I cannot assure of the quality. For a while, my dear readers, this is going to be less about you and more about me (Which is what a blog is about, really)

That demon, in the picture is Yali. A multi-structural, multi-composed creature. I expect my posts to become multi-faceted. They may, they may not. If they don’t – I’ll apologise at the right time.

For the time being, the Leograph apologises.


6 thoughts on “The Leograph Apologises

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