Remains of the Day: 014

I’ve started with coffee again. Just kept missing it too much all these years. All I had to do was to start making it and  drinking it to not miss it as much.


There’s too much of worry going on about the blog. A friend had a few thoughts on why the blog isn’t doing so well; of all the things he said, one stood out in the spotlight: it just isn’t as good. I need to define a DNR for the blog. “It just isn’t as good,” is equally true of people and everything else in life. Everything should have a DNR associated with it. Makes way for new things. (see also: Current State of Indian Politics)


Pull is so much better than push. It makes more sense.



Charity should be a two-way street. Don’t give it, unless solicited and don’t ask for it, unless needed. Especially the giving; charity and dignity have an interesting relationship which I sense, but am not equipped to articulate. At least not now.


Siri would never understand what Sushant Singh said all through the film, in Shuddh Desi Romance. For that matter no human would, either. Bad diction, unfortunately, has become fashionable. Yes. I saw it. Ridicule me. I deserve it.


How you see someone is not how they are. They are, how they are. You have to see them in the way that they are. It follows therefore, that they cannot be who you think they are. Don’t try.


My thoughts about Pain and Fear haven’t changed much.


I think it’s quite ambitious of me to have a three-digit running counter for these Remains of the Day posts. I am amused because, first, I actually believe somewhere in my heart that there will be at least 999 such posts, and second, I wonder what I’ll do after the 999th post.


4 thoughts on “Remains of the Day: 014

  1. I am hoping I am commenting on the right post. This new theme is throwing me off. Is your remains of the day series like my thought-pourri.. or what I like to call random thoughts that are plaguing my mind. I feel charity should not be asked. It is no longer charity it becomes extortion.


    • Oh yes, correct post. Sorry about the theme changes and such. When there’s nothing to write; there’s always decoration. 🙂 These posts are what used to be called “schizophrenia” posts earlier. Now called Remainders and also have their own menu.

      Charity should also not be imagined; what if the receiver is not looking for charity and you are giving it? 🙂


        • Oh, there is always something to write about. The struggle is the writing itself. Words and sentences are in cahoots, and are showing up at the door; but run away before I can invite them in. I am in the process of inventing a contraption so that I can ink them off on paper (or byte them off on a disk, if you prefer). 😀


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