Saga of the Sarees

I have always been partial to the Saree. I have always believed that is a very graceful garment, and accentuates elegance. Notwithstanding that I am partial, I also once said that the Saree is the one thing that is Decidedly Indian.

Kosa Silk; Chhattisgarh

Kosa Silk; Chhattisgarh

Since fashion rediscovered the Saree, it has entered the designer category, and is evolving as more celebrities take to it and bring it to the front-lines. Yet, little is known about the different sarees that exist in the country. I am sure women know more about it than men do; as I am equally sure that there are many things about the saree that even women don’t know. For example, did you know that there are 80 different ways to drape a saree?  How many types of sarees are there? What do you know about the different types of silk used in different parts of the country?

Whether you are a saree aficionado, or have just curious interest to know more about this versatile garment, or need to make an informed decision when you choose the perfect gift, here’s one place you should visit:

SAREE PE VAREE – The Many Sarees Of India – a blog on discovering Sarees, by Punam Medh, who says:

In my years of being important, I never stopped loving sarees and continued learning and reading about them – through books, knowledgeable friends and my masi, my biggest source of information. Through the weaves of this garment I discovered my country’s history, traditions and culture. I understood how saree craft was at one time tightly woven to the economics of a region. And my love for the garment continued to grow.

I hope you will enjoy learning and loving the garment as much as I will.


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