The Resolute 2014

I made a few resolutions for 2014. General wisdom says that you should make resolutions public; I think that’s stupid. Carry the burden of seeing the resolutions through and invite the burden of guilt if you fail. Not worth it. Yes, it’s a burden. A self-inflicted one, usually for good reason. So, I am not telling you what my resolutions are.

Funnily enough, my blog(s) did not figure in my resolution. Neither did anything related to social networking, or photography. It wasn’t deliberate, but somehow they didn’t make the list. It’s good, I think – I have other things that I’d like to focus on this year. Last year was critical as far as my blog was concerned – a nice round number anniversary of 10, was celebrated without much ado. Perhaps, I felt blogging for ten years is a lot – and it didn’t figure in the list. Social networking has lost its charm, so it was not on the top of mind, I am not surprised, it didn’t make the list. Photography, however, not making the list, surprised me. I have no idea why  it didn’t. It’s not that I have stopped or will stop photography; just that it should have naturally come somewhere on that list.

But a resolution list is not sacrosanct, as most of us know, the list can be modified, added to, or discarded altogether. So, as I am writing this post, I wonder if blogging and photography should figure in that list. I am not sure. It might.

The year has started off very well, wonderful news on Day 1. How it becomes a reality, we’ll see – but that it holds promise, is sure.

On an unrelated note, I am biased towards January.



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