Venn Diagrams of Intolerance

IMG_3862 - Version 2

The country is up in arms against a recent Supreme Court verdict against a lifestyle choice. I am not against the Supreme Court; though I am against the law itself. And while I am not sure if the Supreme court could have given a verdict in favour (and I have not bothered to study how they actually interpreted it), in my opinion it has interpreted the law – whether the law should actually exist is the business of the legislative – not the judiciary. And this seems a good time to refer you all to an earlier post:

A New Year Starts Today

This assault on lifestyle choices made by consenting and informed adults is not new. It happened five years ago on 2nd October 2008. All of you are welcome to enlighten me how these two things are separate, but it is essentially the same thing: It prohibits consenting and informed adults to indulge in a lifestyle choice.


2 thoughts on “Venn Diagrams of Intolerance

  1. I think the parallels become a bit stretched when you consider:

    1. Sexuality is *not* a lifestyle choice — not predominantly in any case.
    2. Some lifestyle choices do affect others (passive smoking), some do not (in the physiological, non-controllable sense — for instance someone’s sexuality, even assuming for a moment it is a lifestyle choice, may affect others in moral outrage sense, but that’s entirely controllable)
    3. Again, even assuming sexuality is a lifestyle choice for some, it does not harm self/others in any provable sense (but then excessive TV watching *is* a lifestyle choice that harms self, in provable sense, so does eating fast-food which is not banned, and which could be a better parallel — except that both those thing don’t hurt others provably). And there is a slippery slope — if smoking is okay, why not soft-drugs, or even hard-drugs, and so on (if you ask me, I’m not against that too — just questioning if it’s an apt parallel).

    I think by linking it this way, we run the risk of diluting the argument for decriminalization of alternate sexualities. At least one can smoke in one’s house without the fear of legal action.

    PS: The photograph is priceless — especially considering how apt it is for the title and the theme of the post. I’m assuming this is an IICSB?


    • You are right – on all three counts. “Lifestyle choice” was an inappropriate, even incorrect, phrase. The purpose of this post was not this post – it was the linked post. I felt it applied. And yes the photo is IICSB. 😀


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