Notice the Change

I have a few friends who haven’t hitched themselves onto the social bandwagon.

I do not have many photos of them, because every time I take their photograph – they think I’ll post it on some social network. One thing I have been very careful of, is to never post a photograph of someone in the public domain, without permission. Those of you, who are connected on social networks will know how strict I am about that. It is ironically humorous that these few friends (who are anti-social [media]) are the most paranoid of their faces being posted out there.

Then, there are these exclamations they have – about how they do not know something about me. It is, without doubt my fault that they do not know something about me. I am amused and defensive at the same time. It is an interesting emotional cocktail.

If they were on a social network and connected to me, they would know about the small changes – and would not be surprised at the big change that they see in me when they meet me months later. From my perspective, it is different. Because I know that they choose to be away from the networks, I almost expect a noticeable change – and when I experience it – I am not surprised.


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