Let Go

Yes, I know you have heard that phrase a thousand times before. Depending on how you have lived your life, perhaps a million times before. So, here’s a post without a smart title. I hope the post itself is meaningful.

In my opinion, the toughest test of letting go has to do with the event of death. To let go of an otherwise alive human being who is no more alive is perhaps the biggest test of letting go, if you do, i.e. Yet, in an ironic way, it is the easiest. Nothing remains. Let go. There’s nothing left to hold on to. Let go.

It’s easy to argue that what we aren’t letting go is the emotion and the feelings. So even if we are able to let go of what was corporeal, how do we let go of the remainder in our hearts and mind? I do not know the answer to that. A while ago, I spoke of the purposeful funeral; apart from that I have no insight.

I am letting go today.

For a while I have been romanticising about the thousandth post on the day when I complete ten years of writing this blog. Nothing was more important than this. Dear reader, I know, I have caused your fatigue with my milestone obsession for a while now. But I do not announce this so that you are relieved – I announce it so because I am relieved. I often refer it as the happiness construct; this is how it works: There is no way you can make others’ happy unless you are happy. I can talk to you of many incidents when I was happy blogging and everything in my life was bloggable. Things are still bloggable, but for unknown reasons, I do not blog about things. There’s a good chance I will not post the 1000th post on 29th December.

The 10th year milestone, due next month, needs a perspective.

And I feel content that I have been doing this (rather; will do this, fairly consistently,) for ten years. The numbers in our life can be a count of the incidents; they can never be the value of the incidents. All that the incidents and events in our life can be – are a measure, never a value. Part of me feels angry that I haven’t done justice to the event, another part of me is perhaps sitting on the beach somewhere, multi-reflecting. The sun on the water; the waves, to what I see. Here’s a photo I am proud of. I didn’t use a zoom lens – I went close to the subject.

IMG_8721 - Version 2

That evening there were these waves that I experienced through sight, touch and feel. There’s no place for anger and bitterness in our lives. When you sit in the middle of a vast ocean, some waves, with whatever promise they carry, will shy away. Then, there’ll be the one that makes perfect sense. But, to know that, you will have to experience all waves.

The perfect wave?

I think we have to let go many, before we find the perfect wave, the perfect number, the perfect combination of year and post-counts. Else, how will we ever know?

We have to let go.




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