Happy Diwali

I do not know how this year has been for you.

As far as I am concerned, I’d like to put it behind me. It’s Diwali and the start of a New Year, soon. I was perhaps irreverent last year, when I welcomed this year that is to pass us by. Perhaps it was circumstantial, or perhaps the year lived its life in a way that I cannot fathom. Whatever the case, I am happy to bid it a good-bye. A bad year, or a difficult time is not new to me or my best friend. We started our life together with difficulty. So, the semblance of sense and balance we have maintained this year is noteworthy. As much as how we have dealt with pain in the past.

But this is not the time to dwell in the past. Soon, the physical calendar will change and we can allow ourselves hope of better things. Importantly, we can strive for something better.

IMG_0729 - Version 2


Any long journey, through unpredictable paths will have dark tunnels. But every tunnel will end (has to end), and at its end it will show us the light towards what our life is meant to be. We’ll slip, fall, and stand up again. We have to choose, if we will mark our lives with the slips and falls or the number of times we stood up and dusted off the grime. We’ll participate in the rituals that someone, a long time ago defined for us, or we can have our own, with our own meaning and make sense of what this day means for us. Hold hands, and walk together; perhaps that’s all we need.

This is a time to make your own meaning of what light means to you. For this is a festival of lights; while convention and tradition may ask of you to brighten your environment; take time and advantage of the holiday (if you have it) to make sense of the meaning of light.

Other than what it shows you. Try and see what it wants you to see in its Brightness and Glory.

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali and a Peaceful Year. Thank you for walking along, and enjoying the light together.


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