Untitled: Theory & Practice

Five days.

No post.

For someone obsessed with matching post-count with a hallowed date to create a holy alliance of congruence, this is bad discipline.

But, the comments on my previous post gave me some insight into what some of my readers think. Not all my readers are expressive (I am not talking about you, by the way). One commented on the auto-post on G+. In toto four people told me how I should think about the 1000/10 map-out. (I am happily creating hyphenated words here). All I have to do is sit for an hour or so and post photographs and repost from my other blogs (as I have mentioned before), and I’ll get there. At this moment, I am not worried about that. Heck, at this moment, I am not worried if I get to the 1000/10 stage on the 29th of December.


What I really want to say, at this moment, is that I am not worried: at all. About anything. I’ve lived a life for forty years now, and even if you discount the first twenty, assuming I was sheltered and protected, the balance twenty is a good span to know and expect twists and turns. The obvious question would be: have your circumstances changed for the better? Yes they have, to an extent that my imagination allows, not necessarily in reality. Whether they have changed really? I do not know. A friend, the other day asked a question on happiness:

Can you be happy without a reason ? Yet to meet someone whose natural default state is one of happiness. But have met many whose natural state is one of frustration and disappointment.

Now, I really did not know the answer to that. I just offered this friend a small part of my experience.

We now come to the key question about the theme of this post (I have a pet peeve; I immensely dislike it when people refer to a post as a blog:

“Have seen my recent blog?”

“No. did you sign up to create a new one?”

“No, it’s available at the same URL. I just wrote it yesterday.”

“Oh, you mean a post.”

“Yeah, same thing.”


Not the same thing. You don’t ‘write a blog’ – you write posts in a blog. And therefore you write “recent” blog-posts.

This pedantic nature has got my in trouble, often. Because I won’t settle for less than perfect, I have to do my own thing. While I can easily assume that a person has written a post in her blog when she says “did you read my recent blog?” I wonder why they will not use the correct terms even after they know the difference between a blog and a blog post. Part of me has learnt to let go, part of me has allowed it to propagate, but the 51% part of me refuses to allow it to happen. As you can imagine, I am respected, but not popular. Let’s just call it irony and leave it at that.

Oh, where was I?


Nowhere, really. There is no theme to this “blog” (Yeah, yeah, post, good if you caught my deliberate faux pas) so far. I am just typing what comes to mind. But posts have to be topical, interesting, and thematic. Search Google for “quality posts” without the quotes and you will see how many people in this world have almost the same ideas of the nature of a good post. At one point you have to stop caring. I am approaching ten years of blogging, so I can afford not to care. If you are a new blogger, you might need to care more to get those stats up.

It has been donkey’s years since I bothered about the stats on this blog. (which have been consistently dwindling, FYI and FWIW)

Perhaps, I am writing this irreverent, bollocks post to add to the count of 1000/10; perhaps I want to say something; perhaps it does not mean anything. Perhaps after I get to the 1000/10 marker, posts on this blog will start making sense.

They say the left side of the brain
Dominates the right
And the right side has to labor through
The long and speechless night
And in the night
My father came to me
And held me to his chest
He said there’s not much more that you can do
Go home and get some rest”

And I said yeah
Maybe I think too much
Maybe I think too much
Oh, maybe I think too much
Maybe I think too much

Who else to the rescue at such a time, other than Paul Simon? [Think Too Much (b) from Hearts & Bones]

For the life of me, I have never been able to remember which is the creative side of the brain. If you have been reading this blog for while, you probably know that I am directionally dyslexic. I am apt to confuse theoretical right and left, but I am quite capable of navigating “actual” right and left.


After a while you have to stop caring about what people think and start caring about what you think and feel. But as much as I advice you to do this, my dear 20-odd year old, you will have to go through the motions. Whoever said wise people learn from others’ mistakes, was mistaken. Experience matters. Learning form others’ mistakes is theory. Practicals, are another matter. There are two reasons why consultants aren’t millionaires. One, most people think that they know what they need (so they will not hire consultants), and two, no one will ever pay for good advice. [FWIW – my day job is a consultant’s job] There’s a time when we think we know things. Then, a few years later, there comes a time when we want to learn from people. In my case, it started when I was in my mid-thirties.

In life’s lesson, the first (and the final) lesson that you will learn that you know very little. But, unless you live a life, you will never know how little you know. It’s a trap, almost.

If you have found out how to escape it, let me know.


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