Decennial Dilemma

Two months and three days to go.

The deadline looms. I’ll complete ten years of blogging when the clock says zero, and I work towards the 1000th post to coincide with that date, yet, I wonder. Couple of years ago, a decade of my life was all about deadlines. Some of them were real, some false, some self-imposed, some requested. The nature of the deadlines notwithstanding, I lived a life by dates and hours. I do not have to, now. Thankfully, I am at a place where I can decide (mostly) when I want to get things done.

So this 29th December; +1000 posts, is obviously a self-imposed deadline. No one wants it. The very few people who read this blog haven’t asked for it. As I have mentioned earlier, the logic of a thousand posts for ten years doesn’t make sense, either. A post a day would require that there were 3650 posts to celebrate the decennial. A thousand posts in ten years means, that I have averaged a post, every three days, approximately. Which doesn’t make sense, if you come to think of itβ€”in terms of a celebration.

I have been reposting from a couple of other blogs for a while to fillΒ this blog and get to a thousand posts by December.

Part of me is quite excited by this numerically romantic milestone. But I did not start blogging to achieve milestones. Heck, I have no idea why I started. Over time, I have found happiness saying what I want to say, even if what I wanted to say was not a very happy thing.

IMG 20090201 2173

Should I really be bothered about the 1000/10 mark? Is one post/three days a decent marker? What will it mean to you, my dear reader, if I do not achieve this milestone? More importantly, what will it mean to you my dear reader, if I just fill in to achieve a 1000/10 number. Say, what you feel, that comment space is available to you and this blog belongs to you, in that sense.

But the real question is for me, the author, what do I want for this blog? Romantic equations of averages? Or mathematically careless statement(s) of what I want to say? Perhaps, I could post my 999th post on the decennial – proving I don’t care for numbers. Some deadlines are real, some are imagined and the rest are false. Either ways, they are in your head (except for tax returns; those are real, I assure you) – because the only thing that a deadline denotes is the end; not the start.Β 

I do not know what will happen on 29th of December.

But you are free to tell me what you think, will happen. Scroll down and leave a comment.



7 thoughts on “Decennial Dilemma

  1. Don’t much care what happens, whether it happens, how many happen. What matters and means a lot, is that you keep at it so well. Persistence, enthusiasm, never-give-up, discipline, so many virtues to mention – they’re all that matter.


    • As far as this post is concerned, I never considered you as my “target audience.” But seeing the comments from others, while it seems to me that I have a small audience, they seem to think alike. (See the other comments). I hear you. I may end of at 843 or 999 or 1000 or, as Banno, above says, at 1001. πŸ˜€ Cheers!


    • It is not a “deadline” it is a ‘coming together of numbers’ – apart from that, it is my resolve to blog more. So many bloggables haven’t been blogged! πŸ™‚ The numbers, or the dates are not so important – the blogger’s wishes become important. πŸ™‚


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