It’s Not About Photographs -III

Every once in a while you need someone to save you. You may not be looking to be saved; you may not know that you need saving, but you may need it. Saviours come in various shapes and sizes. They are friends who won’t allow you to drown or they are strangers who will smile at you and make you want to do more.

In June, I said, I have stopped taking photographs. A few of my friends were shocked, surprised, and sad. It seemed like an announcement that I had given up photography. Mea Culpa. At the end of the post, I said I might start taking photographs that really mean something. Since March, I had not taken a photograph that felt either meant something or worth sharing. I didn’t quite understand what I was doing. There were a couple of experiments with light, that worked well and they will be shared, soon. Apart from that, it didn’t mean much.

That June post, got its own sequel a couple of weeks later. A conversation about photography ensued and a fictional version of that conversation became a post. More often than not, you cannot let go of your passion – you may question it to understand it – but you can usually never let go. There isn’t much left in your life, if you take the passion out. One such passion is the work that I do, and in that context, I had asked Bala for a reference. Unfortunately, he didn’t have anything specific for me, but a couple of days later, sent me a link (not available now). Perhaps this is how friendly algorithms work – it was a fantastic assignment.

A photo-shoot in a school.

Tuesday was a wonderful day at a less famous school, run by the Akanksha Foundation. Monday night was all about dusting off the metaphorical cobwebs on the camera and getting the kit ready for the next day, where a hundred smiles were waiting – excited to be photographed, not bothered whether they looked fat or gawky or oily. Energy overflowed those three hours, and I felt I was taking photographs that mean something.

The eye and the lens met again, said hello and promised to make many babies in the days to come.

Saviours, sometimes, come in small shapes and sizes.

These are just a few early samples from the portfolio.


PS: If you haven’t heard of the Akanksha Foundation, they are the ones that posted this lovely video, looking for teachers:



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