Return of the Blogger

Without doubt, On The Ganga Mail has been one of the very few blogs that I have sincerely followed, since I discovered it. The blogger, Bishwanath Ghosh, is now an acclaimed writer, and in that process, the blog has been updated less often than I knew it to be. I stopped commenting on it since the blogger stopped replying to comments a while ago, but the reading didn’t stop.

Yesterday, he had this to say:

Blogging gave a new dimension to that freedom by letting me have my say — on a range of subjects I felt strongly about — without my worrying about how many people would read me or what they would think of me. The whole process of transferring your thoughts onto the computer screen, in an engaging manner, was highly gratifying. The comments were an icing on the cake.


But let me not forget that I belong to Ganga Mail as much it belongs it me, and that I owe my identity to whatever I have written on it so far. The idea, therefore, is to resume writing on it without worrying about what people will have to say. I really don’t give a f*** — so why pretend that I do?

(Via On The Ganga Mail: The Return Of Ganga Mail.)

I am happy about the announcement.

One because there’ll be more to read from this wonderful blogger, the other – it echoes my sentiments. It becomes easy for us to say that the new tools of communication cause disruption in the way we would ideally like to communicate, but it’s a tool after all – and it is up to us, if we want to use it or not. And it is not the time for nostalgia or being sentimental about a time when personal writing flourished with appreciation and exchanges.

What was and what could be needs to be replaced with what can be.


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