The Delay

There is, now, no doubt about it. I should have (wanted to) been born in the late forties or early fifties. I should have been young in the late sixties and early seventies and should have let go of my life in the early eighties-ish.

But, given reincarnation theories, I perhaps had a a very fulfilling life and died in the early seventies and was reborn ASAP.

Let’s come back to 2013.

There’s much to be proud of. Most of the people around me are cursing about the inconvenience that my city is to them. I shake my head, look down, and almost, but not, scream out to them about their presence in renaissance. In spite of the people, I am proud and excited that I live in a renaissance.

This is an interim post.

More will follow. And while it does, your comments are welcome. 


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