I Do Not Like Paver Blocks

I detest paver blocks. (Just see the Images)

I replaced ‘hate’ with ‘detest,’ in the sentence above. I’m training myself to avoid using the H-word. It’s a strong word, and we have got used to using it casually, without concern for what it really means. There are many words with varying degrees that form a spectrum with ‘hate’ at the horizon. But then, we are now used to using words without any regard for their meaning. Before you hate something, for example, you have to ask yourself, whether you despise, abhor, contemn, detest, disdain, loathe or scorn it. If not, you can hate it.

Screen Shot 2013 06 16 at 4 56 20 AM

The pre-planned geometry of how each paver block fits with the other in such harmony is what is disgusting. It’s superficial. It’s a tessellation without purpose. Come monsoon and there is a disarray of the matrix that puts these elements together. At four in the morning, they are scornful. Laid in the pavement with little consideration, my sandals splosh in the unevenness of their perfect alignment.

Needless to say, apart from their facetious appearance, it is no secret that they don’t serve as a good solution for junctions on Mumbai roads. Perhaps they are not altogether to blame, they need a proper base so that they do not cave in at critical joints of the city’s road network.

But today, I am angry with them for another reason.

A friend goes away, once again, and I have to walk back on these paver blocks trying hard not to turn back and look at that rickshaw.

There’s more to this post, and a prequel is born, just at the time when this post ends.


One thought on “I Do Not Like Paver Blocks

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