There Comes A Time…

…when you want to write. But you have nothing to say, as such. Of course, you have much to say – there are incidents and events happening around you all the while. But they are trivial. They don’t hold substantial meaning within themselves, for you tow “write” about it. For those kind of things, you have Twitter.

So you feed the compulsion; you talk to the urge, you say – fine, ok – and satisfy it by writing a post of nothing on your blog. There – I’ve satisfied the urge – your being has been expressed, and as soon as I am done, it will be published.

It’s over. In an instant, almost.

Now what?

You have a meaningless set of words that you can’t make sense of (forget your readers).

Or, this could be a post about the urge to write. Who knows?


2 thoughts on “There Comes A Time…

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