I’d Like to be Monk Someday

I sometimes wonder if monks have off-days.

You know, something like, darn, I was meditating really well until, I thought of something. Or, just when I was about to close this spiritual connection, it all went pear-shaped. The Chief Priest really screwed my day by denying my philosophical treatise on what this world is about – I had it completely nailed – laid it out so beautifully in my PowerPoint Presentation (Not exactly, but you know what I mean)

They probably don’t have to worry about salaries and relationships and such (I think), but I have a feeling they must be having off days.

Because here we are desiring so many things and not getting most of them, they try really hard renouncing things and it must be tough denying what you get, right? And I have desired renunciation often, but I have now renounced that desire, because I am not sure it will help. 

Frying pan to the fire. Or something like that, or vice versa.

But I’d like to be monk someday.

But somewhere, deep down we all give up, don’t we? Perhaps because of circumstances, or something else. We just become massive-hearted and accept all that is going on. We allow the world to be. Some things are worth fighting for.

Some fights however, are won only because you do not fight back.


3 thoughts on “I’d Like to be Monk Someday

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