Successful Partial Detox

As against a Partial(ly) Successful Detox.

It’s been a month that I have ‘stayed away’ from Facebook, and have been successful at that. It’s a good feeling. As a mark of being away, I changed my cover photo and profile picture to reflect that, I guess it didn’t make much sense. Only one friend asked me about my absence and I pointed her to my Facebook cover and profile photo. That was my cryptic way of saying, “I am away.”

And, apparently, too cryptic.

Screen Shot 2013 04 30 at 1 16 03 PM

My being away from Facebook was not a full detox (that should explain the “partial.”) Because I administer a photography MOOC on Facebook and my company’s page, I couldn’t be completely away. So it was only a detox of status updates and commenting etc, on my profile page, unless addressed directly. The need to share shifted a bit on Twitter for the month, but it wasn’t significant.

All of this meant that I wrote more on my blog (than before, not in absolute terms), had a chance to read quite a lot, support my Premier League team, de-clutter the space around and spend some time with myself, become better at cooking, learning the fundamentals, and start something new (at work). It also helped think about, to an extent, how to make optimal, non-intrusive use of social media. Of all the things, however, it lets you know the value of your presence in social media networks.

Walking away, in a funny way, is knowing where you really stand.


6 thoughts on “Successful Partial Detox

      • It could also be, trying to know, where you were standing — so it could be a means to know where you stand — provided you want to get back there. Okay, today is a bad time to cross my path. But welcome back. I hardly noticed you not being there on FB. And it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t miss you there. It probably means I’m kind of on partial detox myself, even while being there.


        • Ah, I hear you, it’s like a continuous reference to context. To know where we want to stand we have to know where we stand and we have to keep moving to see where we stand, which is a position, again. I am writing this comment tomorrow, because I didn’t want to cross your path today. And somehow, it now doesn’t matter to me about being on Facebook. Not that I am going away. Something on the lines of – I don’t need to be on Facebook. (Your detox has been going on for a while, no?) 🙂


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