Looking through a Microscope

So Mahendra had this to say, in his recent post:

“Each of these human beings is a tele­scope, if only one were will­ing to watch through the eye­piece. The eye­piece, in this case, is the human abil­ity to lis­ten, which we most often abuse — or in other words, don’t use at all.”

(Via Telescopes | An Unquiet Mind.) I urge you to read this beautiful post, wonderfully written.

Curiosity makes us want to see beyond what the naked eye perceives. So we invented telescopes and microscopes. And now we have X-ray vision, thermal imaging and night vision and of course many other ways to look. So we have been able to do a lot with increasing the depth, breadth of seeing, overcome seeing through obstacles, yet we seem to have done little to increase perception or insight.

IMG 3544  Version 2

In the context of Mahendra’s post, we seem to be using the microscope more than we have need to use the telescope. In a way, I feel that we look so often through the microscope that we fail to use the telescope for a change. And what we see through the microscope gives us (not so valid) reasons not to use the telescope. Because when we look through a microscope we see limited data, often devoid of context.

We’ve looked enough and even know more than we need to – perhaps it is time to see.

PS: In a different context, a series on Ways of Seeing


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