March Schizophrenia

It’s never the case that thoughts do not flow; it’s usually the case that we try and file the thoughts for later use, but because of their transient nature, when we search for them later, we usually do not find them. We need to trap them before they evaporate.


It’s often difficult to survive in a crowd; it’s suffocating, especially if there is a shade of a bigger entity over you. Doctors attribute it to lack of Vitamin D. As one tomato sapling discovered, with dire consequences, we need to find our own place in the sun.

IMG 3299  Version 2


It’s not that people don’t want to talk, perhaps your availability is scarce. Real conversations cannot be slave to schedules, they will occur when they want to occur, and both – talker and listener have to be present when the conversations feel like happening.


Staying away from people or people staying away from (there’s a difference) teaches you more about them than you ever learn about them while being with them. It doesn’t matter how long; two hours, two years or two decades.


It’s good to dare yourself once in a while to do something you wouldn’t have done, otherwise. The results can be surprising divine or devastating. Either ways, you’ll have more courage, the next time you take a leap.


March is a dangerous month.


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