The inability to say something in 140 characters or less.

So, unless I am posting a link, it seems that I am unable to tweet. That’s perhaps one of the reasons I am tweeting lesser these days. There are other reasons why I am not on Twitter often, but we shall let those slide for now. As a writer (yes, sometimes I call myself that) though, I believe, I should be able to write on Twitter with equal ease (and make sense).

IMG_4691 - Version 2.jpg

There was a time, a long time ago, when I used to feel everything was bloggable. Facebook came along and everything felt worth putting up on Facebook. Twitter came along and I felt everything was tweetable. Now I am not sure what I feel. Actually, I think I know what I feel, but I am not sure where to put it. The though itself, unfortunately does not come pre-packaged for a medium or in a particular format or character length.

Enough has been said about attention spans and how mediums are affecting how we think, communicate, and interact. And while all that has been said is probably rooted in proper scientific research, the onus really falls upon us to express whatever we feel or think. The medium is just that — a medium. And the medium has a method — it may or may not suit your style of expression. If it does not make sense, just choose another medium. Saying that the medium doesn’t make sense is fallacy.

In recent months, I have been trying to recall how and why I used to feel about things that were bloggable. The medium of choice now seems obvious to me; having flirted for long with other mediums, however, is now hampering my recollection of why blogging made sense, once upon a time.

Now, that, seems bloggable.


2 thoughts on “Untweetability

  1. I may be on a tangent here: Perhaps, there is a fatigue of expression online? Of strangers reading, of responses, of knowing statistics and appreciation (or criticism)? Could it be that the curve is returning to a private expression? I, personally, find it easier to write on a notebook these days. WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME!? 😉


    • No, not necessarily a tangent – you have a point there. Perhaps all of this is about fatigue. The big Q is, as I see it, we are all talking (shouting, even, sometimes) but who is listening! The problem is – everyone wants to be heard – no one is willing to listen. That’s what you are saying? And all you are left with — is yourself.


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