To Begin, An End

I wrote once about expiry — a long time ago. It was about conspiracy theories. It was about food. It was really an excuse to show-off my experimental cooking.

We are on the brink of yet another conspiracy theory. The end of the world; I am not sure though, whether it can truly be called a conspiracy theory. It’s more of a speculative theory. But then again, those who would bother to simply read the Wikipedia entry on the Mayan calendar would know that there is nothing to speculate.

The end fascinates us humans. Whether for a positive effect or a negative one, we are all fascinated by the end.

Race. Film. Book. Exam. Road. Life. Game. Work.

We are eager, whether with curiosity or anxiety, to get to the end or at least know it before it occurs. The usual philosophical maxim of journey vs. destination will not follow. I am sure you have heard it many times.

And we know that everything comes to an end. We learn that early in life, yet we seldom allow ourselves to come to terms with the end. Depending on what the adjective for the end is – happy or sad – we speed up or slow down towards the end. Sometimes things end by themselves but we do not recognise the end. We continue to live as if the end is a long way off. It’s our way of not allowing things to end: like dragging a corpse. Sometimes, things end the way we expect them to, and we are left with a sense of void: there’s no end to get to. Some ends are abrupt; they hurt the most, I guess.


And almost everything that begins must have an end. For good reason or not.

And the things that we must end consciously, by force, are the most difficult endings of all. Because these are the things that we probably do not want to end, but have to. Because certain things have to end before new things can begin. Some beginnings are contingent upon some endings.

Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!


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