End of the Day

At the end of the day, every post that you (I, actually, for this blog) write is about the emotions that are stirred because of an event.

Of the million emotions that you go through a day – which one is worth writing about? Now, after the tribulations of the daily dose, you now have to choose the one that is bloggable; one that is worth expressing; possibly the one that your readers may relate to you. You know, likes and comments. There is no way to identify that one stinging feeling in a 24 hour span, really. We are conditioned to ignore the ones that hurt us the most. It is a survival instinct. But the one’s that ‘are’ trivial – those lovely ones – those with the scope – those with the latitude that allow us to express ourselves. Cute, aren’t they? We enjoy them.


They are the ones that we can wield. They are inspirational – because they let us hit that person in front of us – help us feel like a winner. We look for those. Of the million emotions that we go through in a day – we choose to express just one or perhaps – two. But the remainders, they come to bear – they stand like green ghosts behind a simple expression of affection and those aggressive ghosts are ready for war. So even if you just wanted “only” to say, “Hello, dear friend, how are you?” – them over-eager ghosts, will slash the sword to ignite a fiery conversation.

That’s when we lose it.

We all live with ghosts – no doubt about that – but these ghosts have been with us for so long – we ought to have learned to tame them. Tell them, at every conversation, we are not at war. Remind them, that ghosts are not necessarily evil; remember Casper?

But the defensive friend – when he sees the ghosts more easily than he can see you – cannot, but be on standby; half-sheathed.

There is no “f” of friendship – for, to me, it is a complete word; nay – it is a complete world.

If my “reindship” is in place, do you have it in you to forgive the “f” that I did not, allegedly, understand?


2 thoughts on “End of the Day

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