Space, The Final Frontier


There is no space left.

To stretch your arms – stretch your legs – lie down and look at the blue sky. To laugh an expansive laugh.

There is no space left.

For a good feeling to reverberate hundred times over and cumulate it for the future. Where echoes can remind you of the moments that passed us by.

There is no space left.

Where all can gather and dance the dance of joy in a place devoid of an edge. Where rhythms can take us far away to worlds that we have not seen.

The only space, if you can call it that, left — is in our minds and hearts. An infinite space. Where we can be ourselves.

And a billion of these spaces exist — but seldom intersect.


6 thoughts on “Space, The Final Frontier

  1. some intersect too. mine did, a few years ago, virtually. then in real – at various places – aangan, madras, chikmagalur. and i shall keep longing for more.

    coming to think of it, there’s a very geometrical feeling about that word. the common man’s ‘meet’ sounds better. though they may mean the same to a mathematician.


    • The keyword in my post – was – seldom. Which means that they do intersect. And when they do there is magic. My lesson is that I can continue to wail about how they do not intersect as much as I want them to, or drive. Drive out without conditions and hope that somewhere, sometime, that intersection will take place.

      Geometry is very important my friend, for we often come full circle or back to square one. My arguments may be tangential and sometimes, I’ll have to triangulate, to find myself. We will have to make our own meanings.


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