Remains of the Month: May 2012

I have finally taken the step to rid these remainder posts of a serial number. I have also started calling them the “Remains of the Month.” These posts still need some more finishing, and I’ll polish them in the days/months to come. 


You are seeing this post a week after it was due. Which has caused me to further ponder on these milestone-ish dates – should I wait for month for me to summarise – and more importantly – does summary-learning happen every month? I have the answer to that, perhaps the future formats will address that. But May, has been a very good month. When you think about it, every month is a good month – but this month chose to highlight important things.


I’ve seen many movies in which characters try and control, manage and limit perceptions – they live two lives. One is a personal life – the one that is true and the other – that they want others to believe.  This month’s experience shouted out loud, close to my ear, that we do not need effort to create this make-believe. People around you will make their assumptions, irrespective. How you react to those assumptions will define your character. I say this, because I reacted in a way that I wish I had not reacted. In fact, I wish I had not reacted at all. When it all started, I was angry at the blatant assumptions; eventually I am amused. In the end, it is a good lesson. In that very small realm of what you know and what others percieve is the gap of darkness that we need to shine light upon.

We write posts, update our Facebook status, and tweet. But that can never be the basis for an other person to claim that he or she knows us. IMs come close, but they still are not there. If you determine the character, personality and the psychology of a person by what they post on their blog, you are mistaken. Hugely mistaken. This calls for a post. 


I have been hooked to the recent series on Discovery Channel – Through the Wormhole. Space, time, limits, and experience, the way I have always imagined them – have found new meaning. 


I have, somehow, been away from Twitter. I have no idea why. It has been a couple of weeks since I have been there. The focus has shifted to Facebook – though for some reason Facebook has become more buggy than ever. Have I lost interest in Twitter? I do not know. Have I quit? Probably not. What started off as a default-detox-due-to-work, has continued. And I asked myself if I was missing something significant because I was not on Twitter – and I drew a blank. I may have a theory about this which is, yet another post. 


And you just want to give up. But you don’t. You keep walking.


I love the entire series of Pirates of the Caribbean, even if I do not like Johnny Depp as much. Geoffrey Rush, **Bill Nighy**, Ian McShane, and of course Stellan Skarsgård – make it worthwhile for me – each time I see the full series. I just finished my fourth POTC marathon. 


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