Interview: Blogadda

Many thanks to Blogadaa for publishing my interview today.

blogadda-logo.jpgI must admit, the questions were not easy to answer. But in the end, I was glad about the questions. I was quite impressed with the amount of research they had done on an eight-year-old blog. Couldn’t have been easy – to go through so many posts, identifying one and asking relevant questions. On a more selfish note, I am more happy for the interview because I can now point people to it, when they want to know about me and this blog (and other blogs).

It is my first ever interview that has focused on this blog and other personal aspects. I think you’ll enjoy reading it (even if you know me well)


14 thoughts on “Interview: Blogadda

  1. This made such an interesting read. I have to go back and read some parts of it. I couldn’t help but smile about the 17 blogs. Maybe I should present you with another challenge. 🙂

    Congratulations on your interview and article and thank you for sharing.


    • You won’t believe it probably – but I was thinking of you when I was answering that question! Thank you very much – you are an integral part of Gaizabonts’ journey, you know that.


  2. great interview, atul. you are a man of many talents. i have to figure out how to get your posts on a regular basis. you never mentioned, in the interview, what you do for physical activity. any sports?


    • Thank you Joe – Welcome to Gaizabonts. You can subscribe to my posts. Please see the link on the right sidebar to “Follow this blog” – you will get all posts in your email. I used to @ sports – some time ago – now the only physical activity I get is what the keyboard and the mouse will allow. It’s sad, I know. 🙂


  3. Blogging rockstar, you are. I always knew it. Glad you are being noticed. It’s about time. And thank you!


  4. I forgot to add: I totally agree with the fact that one needs to write for oneself and the audience will find you. There *is* no other way. There is also something called commercial blogging which uses the same format but which also comes more under marketing in my mind’s file cabinet.


    • True. “Commercial” blogging is also, I believe very thematic – and holds the interest of its readers only for that particular theme. You still have to write in your own way, though – that is what lends the character to the blog. 🙂


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