Remains of the Day: 013

With every such post – I keep thinking I must change it to “Remains of the Month”, because that is what these posts are about. But I remind myself that Remains of the Day is a metaphor, of sorts and let it be.


IMG_8915.jpg“Planning a holiday” is the most ironic thing ever. Where’s the time to enjoy? The plan sets expectations and when things don’t go according to the plan – you end up ruining the holiday. All through the holiday, you are a slave to the plan – because you have planned it – you want things to happen just the way you imagined it. And you are sure to imagine it all wrong – because you can never plan to relax.


Overtaking has a life lesson inherent in it. Reaching a place in time is important and advantageous. If you are reckless in your ambitions however, there is a good chance you will wreck yourself. You will see many examples of impatience along the way. How and possibly why they will never reach their goal. Some of the vehicles that you will need to overtake are long. You will have to wait for a good opportunity before you can overtake them. You will find good drivers in your life, who will ask you to wait and provide cover till the road is clear – when it is they will give you the signal to go ahead. Not every one will be good and helpful though. Some will not be bothered that you want to get ahead. Starting early is always the good option. The ride is easier – you have lesser reasons to make mistakes. You will also have to learn to be flexible and decide whether getting there at a particular instant is important – or – getting there is important.

You will see it reflected in your driving.


I watched an anchor dropping. There is something so trustworthy about an anchor; its shape, its form. It just exudes confidence and a sense of security.


Rituals are funny, that way. Often, they are pompous and cloud the intention. We pay so much attention to the ritual and the mechanics of it all, we forget the intention behind the ritual. The ritual then, becomes the intention. The drama becomes the reality.


My relationship with water took a new turn. I went in. Well, almost. Snorkelling was a good experience. I think I was watching myself from the boat, wondering what had got into me that made me be so adventurous. It was a nice first step and a wonderful experience.


It is indeed sad and unfortunate that MTDC has some of the best tourism properties that are under a state of rapid decay.


Beer. I thought about beer this month and the problem of beer in India. The problem is called Kingfisher. I tweeted this problem in eight tweets:

[tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet]



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