Remains of the Day: 011

This month ended on a very exciting note. No wonder this post is late. WordPress allows date manipulation, so thank them, for that. Excitement is like that, I guess, it makes you forget things. We get carried away as we prolong those moments of feeling good.


It was wonderful having the cousins over – and a family gathering, which seemed like an extinct phenomenon, was a great event to shake us all out of our ennui of routine-ness. It’s always good to plan things, but it is equally important to allow surprises to sneak in. My nieces brought us much joy, newer members to the family were unofficially inducted and much fun was had with long, coffee-laced conversations, that welcomed the pleasant mornings.


Years of others telling us things about us makes us believe those things about us which aren’t really true. (Often they are opinions.) Some of us are afflicted by this. Some time the affliction is serious and chronic. Some times, however, all we need is an event for us to see ourselves for who we really are. It usually helps if none of the people around you know you. They have no baseline. In that moment, if you are able to be yourself, it becomes the baseline.


The world has much to offer. Open your hand and seek it. It will give willingly. It is the cynical mind that sits in the last row of the auditorium, closest to the exit, and is never able to see clearly.


A car tyre can teach you a lot. There are times when you can plug the puncture. You have to know when you need to change the tyre. If you wait till you get to a specialist to tell you that, you would have spent a lot of money and time plugging holes that will never get plugged permanently. I have no idea when and how you will know it. But, now I know this is how things work.


Richard Bach said it right; you teach best what you most need to learn.


Time is such a funny thing. You never have it. Yet, our language and our behaviour describes time as something that we possess. It plays its own game and we believe otherwise. In Mumbai, we measure distances in time. Like it is currency. In life, we measure relationships and growth in time. Like it is an indicator.




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