In Fourteen Years

It was a lovely long conversation yesterday.

We talked much, of life. The setting couldn’t have been more appropriate as the youngest in our family was sleeping blissfully in the middle, as experiences took off and landed all around her and above her. We were like four ATCs sending our prized flights to each others’ airports. And there was a lot of traffic.

In fourteen years, you tend to accumulate a lot I guess, of material possessions. And of emotional baggage, making their rounds on a conveyor belt. Only one or two belong to us, but each bag gets our attention. We have accumulated and stored a lot. Most of them however, are memories. Some are good, some not so good – but they are ours.

In fourteen years we have understood what it means to travel light. We have learnt to identify our bags very well in the baggage claim.

In fourteen years, we have discovered where we want to go – it’s not a place where most people want to go. When we check-in, the queue at our counter is much smaller and there’s no baggage to check in. When we arrive at our destination there isn’t a queue for the taxis. They some time give us funny looks, usually they do not understand where we are going, but we don’t get bothered with that any more.

In fourteen years we have taught ourselves to get surprised. Sometimes the surprises are nasty, but in return we have experienced the most exotic destinations in the world and in our hearts. We have found ourselves in ways that we didn’t know we existed. We chose not to play the tried and tested games because the rules were designed for the same result that everyone wanted, and we have won unusual trophies.

Your tear-drop, a million pearls..jpg

In fourteen years we have wandered the forests and have been scared and angry and happy and excited. We have lost a lot and because of that we have gained much.

In fourteen years, we have discovered ourselves because of each other.

And, after fourteen years, it seems just like yesterday.


Song for the day (and forever): God Only Knows – Beach Boys (Prefer the version that was used in Love Actually)


16 thoughts on “In Fourteen Years

  1. I don’t know which particular line to pin point. Each one has a story in itself, a meaning that I can find and relate to. Beautifully expressed. I am collecting that baggage, but I think keeping them light will definitely help in the long run. Very excited myself to discover where this journey will take me. šŸ™‚

    Fourteen years in itself is a reason to celebrate.. Congratulations.. for whatever that might be.


  2. beautifully said, I led myself through Debum’s blog and must say am pleasantly surprised at the ease and flow of words. Wow

    hmm I’ve more 4 more yrs of unwanted baggage, queue’s and discovery. So here’s to that!


  3. how come? its been less than 2 years and already feels like fourteen years šŸ˜€
    PS: my best wishes to my fav couple – may you have many more fabulous journeys, and me we be blessed that our paths cross, again and again šŸ™‚


  4. Simply beautiful! Reminded of the song ‘aao milo chalen’ from jab we met movie:) I think this is going to be one of my favourite posts..hippy anniversary to you both and may the baggage keep reducing. Love.


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