Remains of the Day: 010

When you realise that something that you said that you hated had no foundation for the hatred, you cannot continue hating it. It’s not just about a fresh perspective, it is about objectivity. The aspects that are revealed to you are wondrous – and there’s much more that you can enjoy, now. Hate is a strong word; mostly, we just intensely dislike. And if we attempt to look at it from a distance it is usually inherited.


Taking up a challenge – whether offered or self-inflicted – needs a context. Especially if you are taking up the challenge to bring change and not just for the short-term win. Else, we will wander without purpose and fill up this world with more of meaninglessness.


There’s a good chance that you are much better, much smarter than you think you are. Someone else will have to tell you that for you to know it. Not everyone will tell you how bad you are, however. Most people consider it impolite to point out your flaws.


Adjacent birth dates and death dates offer an interesting 48-hour window for contemplation.


Every month cannot throw up loads of learning. Some months, just pass you by.


6 thoughts on “Remains of the Day: 010

  1. Love the thoughts expressed in this post.

    A teacher of mine had stated that ‘hate’ is a very strong word..think twice before using it .Since then very aware of that ‘intense dislike’ feeling.

    Each thought that you have mentioned in this post calls for ‘reflection’.


    • Merci! I had heard about hate a long time ago – I guess I needed an experience to go with the concept to know that it really *is* a strong word, and should be used very very sparingly. 🙂


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