Remains of the Day: 009

It was all set, then it changed. After it changed for the first time, it was reset. Then it it was nothing, and finally it become something else altogether. Embracing change unconditionally is difficult during the change. It’s much easier, when it is all done – and you are able to see the beauty in it.


New year’s eve is actually like any other night. The first day of the year is like any other day of the year. But the glamour associated with it makes us want to participate in its significance. It perhaps provides us a sense of purpose and meaning. There is celebration and contemplation: often occurring simultaneously. And in that slight moment celebration overcomes contemplation.


We are too preoccupied by the mechanics of everything. To take a road through a forest to enjoy what it has to offer is clouded by the worry of the road’s seclusion. The dwindling daylight. We have to stop there; in the middle of the road. Remind ourselves of the purpose. Be aware of the environment, of course, but more importantly be aware of ourselves. And it works for things other than roads in forests.


Doing nothing is bloody difficult.


Watching fire (like a campfire) is therapeutic. The dance of the flames is mesmerising. Wind and fuel choreograph it to perfection. You can even take anything from your mind and toss it in the fire. Sadness burns very well. Watch it burn, crackle and become ash that will blow away in the morning. You can even toss wood.


There is no third-party out there. A big blob-kind-of-a-thing, with many names and forms, that causes everything and has all the answers. It just does not exist. It’s just you. It is enough that you know what the truth is. If you look for validation, there is a good chance you do not know the truth.


Once in a while, you will wonder about why you like certain things.


6 thoughts on “Remains of the Day: 009

  1. This is the second time you have beat me to my thoughts. The whole time last week, I was wondering what is so special about the 31st, or the 1st even. Nothing really changes. I even started a blog post but never completed it. And now I read two posts one from Dharma and this one, resonating my sentiments exactly. I think I should write before I read.. 🙂


  2. interesting conversation here. birthdays sure are special, as long as relatively unconnected people don’t make a fuss about it. 😀 that, is getting quite difficult, what with most of our private details being throw open in one way or the other.


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