Thoughtful Cousins

There’s a bunch of nice things about blogging. I’ve written a lot about blogging for a while.

But, one thing about blogging nags me.

IMG_7876 - Version 2.jpgI am talking of the personal blog; not the technology or a similar blog. After a few years, when you start writing a post, and as it starts taking shape, you wonder if you have already said it before. Then, you have a vague notion of a post that was similar in construct, and you save this one as a draft, and are off searching your blog for that one post you were reminded of. Often, you will find it; sometimes you won’t and then, will wonder if it was a discussion on a past. There isn’t enough enthusiastic energy to go through all your comments, by then.

And when you do not find that elusive post, the feeling that you did write something similar, nags you and you end up leaving your post as a draft, or as it happens in my case – delete it. You console yourself, that a brilliant and blogable thought is just round the corner, and wait for it. Time passes, it usually never comes. You wonder, if you should have just introduced the thought and linked to a post you wrote, that was close, long time ago. It seems like cheating, so I usually resist. But many folks have discovered this blog much later than I started it, so I would love for them to know that, once, this was quite a vibrant blog.

Perhaps, I am not doing justice to the ideas that are cousins of posts already on this blog. The context of those ideas has changed, time has passed, and life is quite different. They deserve a post.

After all, what’s a genre, but lots of cousins at the same place?


4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Cousins

  1. I believe this is still a very vibrant blog. Just that it has taken a less vociferous route on both ends. And even though I can actually claim to have read every blog post written by you on this particular blog, I like them cousins. So keep them coming, context change or not.


  2. You don’t write as much people don’t comment as much..I think it is the conversations on this blog that have gone down, nothing has changed in the character of the blog.. and yes I have actually read this entire blog..


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