Remains of the Day: 008

Being honest can be a costly affair. Being honest and expressive can be costlier. And the currency in which you will pay can vary. And you will never know how you will pay, till you actually get to the counter — and then, there is no turning back. But pay you must – for the ghosts of suppression are worse villains. Honesty, though costly – is a one-time affair; being dishonest is a never-ending, one-way transaction of give; not take.


It is good to know the value of having people in your lives. And, it is enough to just know. Trying continuously to check the value can cause the value to diminish. Don’t keep checking the value of this portfolio like you do with your stocks and mutual funds.


Nurture your intuition and instincts. They will serve you longer than all the information that you can gather through your Twitter or RSS feed. Allow yourself that smile and moment of pride when your instincts have been proved right. They’ll be happy and keep coming back to you.


Never confuse time and friends. They are two separate, mutually exclusive things. Be wary of those who try and build a connection between the two. The one excuse a true friend will never use – is the lack of time. Filter.


All the dreams that you have, are useless and amount to nothing. They are intangible and devoid of matter. They may mean much to you; your life, as you imagine it very different, but eventually, they amount to a zero-ness. They have no power within themselves, to realise themselves. Only you can realise them.


Respect effort. Even when it goes to waste. Especially when it is yours.


Write a comment on this post, if you have reached this word. Say something. Anything meaningful. I challenge you — especially because with Likes on Facebook and +1s on Google+ we are entering the era of minimal-mass-micro-expressions. Do not, ever, lose the ability to describe what you feel. Someday when your convenient buttons will be unavailable you will struggle with yourself.


12 thoughts on “Remains of the Day: 008

  1. πŸ™‚ the cost of honesty can be a long-drawn out experience too. Not everyone can pull through it and not anyone who is can convince themselves day in and day out that it was worth it.


  2. Being honest and experessive is very tricky. But yes, it’s better to pay the price once than remain under the burden of debt for the rest of your life.

    And even if it hadn’t been for your last bit, i would have still left a comment πŸ™‚


  3. When I first read this post I was not happy at your statement about dreams, especially since I am working so hard towards realizing my own. The dream itself is taking shape, which I know is not the same form when I started to think of them. But then the challenge…Hmm, I think I am too experienced to be pawned by a challenge and hence stayed away from commenting. I’m smart innit? Such is the mindset when it is not at peace. But then I came back to read that one about those dreams. Or perhaps to take on that challenge. Who doesn’t have a bit of narcissism in themselves. Not sure which was a stronger motivator, but really I asked myself? Only I can realize them, by themselves they are nothing. Love it. So here you go. A comment!


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